Simone Ashley admits to committing these 3 relatable beauty faux pas

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BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / December 07 2022

Remember the day that you found out that the St Ives Apricot Scrub was actually bad for your skin? 

And how jarring the realisation was that your over-plucked eyebrows were unlikely to grow back?

If you’re like us, then these moments are likely seared into your memory. And subsequently, served as some of life’s little learnings.

Turns out, we’re not the only ones with a cringeworthy past.

Simone Ashley recently appeared on Harpers Bazaar UK: Inside My Beauty Bag and revealed that like us, she too has made a few beauty-related mistakes in her life — three to be exact.



These days she likes to stick to Goldfaden Md Doctor's Scrub ($57 at MECCA) for keeping her skin “nice and smooth”.

“I like to get it on my nose,” she explained. “I get all the dead skin cells off around my lips, and I make sure I get any extra makeup off that might be left after cleansing.”

“That’s something I try not to do too much of,” Ashley admitted. “I used to exfoliate a little too much and I was told to rein it back a bit.” 

Image credit: @simoneashley


Overdoing it with heat styling tools

“Don’t put too much heat on your hair,” Ashley warned. “That’s what I’ve learnt from a young age.”

Instead of heat styling, you should “embrace your curls” she advised. “I like to use hair masks… and I like to scrunch it into my curls.”

Image credit: @simoneashley


Over-plucking her eyebrows

“I used to pluck my eyebrows way too much,” Ashley shared. 

“I kind of fluctuated from growing them out to plucking them or waxing them,” she went on to say. 

“I used to get them threaded when I was a teenager, and then one of my makeup artists was just really honest with me and was like ‘look, you’ve got two weeks off for Christmas, just grow your brows out’ and I’ve never gone back.” 

“I don’t really touch them, but sometimes I’ll just pluck the monobrow area every now and then,” she explained. “I look back on photos of when they were really skinny and it’s quite a difference.”

Image credit: @harold_james

Simone Ashley’s makeup artist gets credit for more than just saving her eyebrows. Her glam team helped her to break down eurocentric beauty standards.

Main image credit: @rebeccacorbinmurray

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