Shay Mitchell shares the skin care step she never skips

We picked the actress’s beauty brain in an exclusive interview

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / April 25 2018

While Shay Mitchell might be most well-known for her willingness to push beauty boundaries on the red carpet (as well as her acting skills, of course), she’s also very quickly becoming one of our favourite celebs to look to for skin inspo. After all, Shay’s complexion is never anything short of flawless.

That’s why we jumped for joy when we were given the opportunity to exclusively interview the Bioré Ambassador to find out her top skin care secrets – including the one step she thinks is the most important for great skin, as well as the beauty advice she would give to her teenage self.

On her partnership with Bioré…
“When it comes to my skin, I don’t mess around. I’ve tried every type of cleanser out there but I found that Bioré products are by far the best at keeping my pores clean. What I really love about their products is that they use hard-working and unique ingredients like baking soda and charcoal. 

On her everyday skin care routine…
“For me, I think it’s sticking to a routine. I found products that work for me. I think it’s important to wash your face morning and night. I think there’s a misconception that you should only wash your face at night, but for me it’s morning and night.”

On her top skin care secret…
“My best skin secret is…finding the right products that work with my skin and help to really combat breakouts. Bioré’s acne range is formulated with salicylic acid to help treat breakouts.” 

On how she defines beauty…
“To me, beauty is about self-confidence. It really comes from the inside. I know we hear that all the time, but I really feel that if you feel your best, then you’re going to look your best. It doesn’t matter how much makeup you put on your face, if you don’t feel good on the inside it’s going to show through. I don’t think you can ever cover it up; your self-confidence has to come from within. That’s going to shine more than anything else. Also, genuine happiness, there’s nothing more beautiful than that.”

On her favourite Bioré product…
“The Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser is a must-have daily cleanser that draws out dirt and oil for a deep, tingly clean.”

On the advice she’d give to her teenage self…
“Celebrate your uniqueness, even when you don’t feel like it; stop straightening your hair so much; find a balance with the foods you love that may not be super healthy, and foods that are good for you; and find ways to work out that don’t feel like ‘work’. Hike, box, bike!” 

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What beauty advice would you give to your teenage self if you could? Let us know in the comments below.

Main image credit: @shaymitchell

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