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Megan Gale Skin Care Secrets

Jocelyn Petroni reveals her insider secrets

InStyle Contributor / May 25 2017

Renowned for creating luminous complexions, and responsible for Megan Gale’s enviable glow, beauty guru Jocelyn Petroni shares her advice on achieving— and maintaining—a healthy radiance.

Sand is the ultimate body scrub

“As children, my sisters and I would sit by the ocean and scrub each other’s backs with natural sand—I’m yet to find a scrub that sloughs away dry, dead skin as thoroughly,” says Petroni. Exfoliating increases circulation, which feeds the skin oxygen-rich blood and increases lymphatic drainage for detoxification, and even clears congestion. 

Always double cleanse

A ritual she follows during her popular Signature Facial, Petroni recommends double cleansing, first with a creamy formula to remove makeup or pollutants, followed by a foaming option to deeply clean your pores. “I’m a huge advocate for double cleansing, morning and night,” she says. “Thoroughly cleansed skin means there is less chance of blemishes occurring, and it also prepares a perfect base for active and results-driven eye creams, serums and moisturisers to penetrate the skin and do their job more effectively.”

Toothpaste really does dry out blemishes

The combination of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide
and alcohol in toothpaste will dry out the spot and
kill any bacteria, explains Petroni. While she
recommends the best thing to use on blemishes is a
topical spot remover, such as Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Spot Treatment, toothpaste is an alternative in a pinch. 

Meditation creates positive energy that enriches her treatments

Petroni has practised Tibetan Buddhism for more than nine years, and even meditates during her facials. “I pay close attention to my client’s skin during a thorough consultation and detailed work such as extractions, but throughout any facials I perform, I meditate,” she says. “It deepens my connection with my customers and enriches their salon experience. The sharing of positive energy makes it more than just a beauty treatment, elevating it to a nurturing and rejuvenating treatment for both the skin and the soul.”

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