Skittles nails are putting the fun back into painting your nails

Fall in love with colour all over again

InStyle Contributing Editor / December 06 2022

Nude nails are great for looking effortlessly elegant and ‘done’, but sometimes a girl just needs some colour in her life.

The latest manicure trend that’s started popping up everywhere is just what we needed to feel inspired to have a little fun with our nails again.

First appearing on the United Colours of Benetton Autumn/Winter runway at Milan Fashion Week, this rainbow nail trend is taking over IRL.

Aptly named the ‘Skittles manicure’, it involves painting each of your fingernails in a different shade of the rainbow. There are no rules, no right or wrong way to do it; you just pull out your nail polish kit, pick anywhere from three to 10 colours, and get swiping.

If you want your Skittles manicure to look a little more pulled together, stick with either all dark or all light shades, play in the same colour family, or simply stick with primary colours like the lollies themselves.

Rather opt for a subtle nail trend? ‘Lipstick nails’ are 2019’s quirkiest new nail trend.

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