3 solutions to get the hair you want post-summer

Solutions To 3 Of Your Top Post-Summer Hair Goals - Elizabeth Olsen

Quick tips to meet your new-season hair goals

marie claire Contributor / March 04 2018

See you summer, it’s been a blast. Although...we could have done without the dry, sun-parched strands, thank you very much. If the hot weather has done a number on your hair, or you’re actually looking for ways to keep the summer vibes going into autumn, these are the hair solutions for you.


You want: hot hair minus the hot tools

Before bed, wash your hair and apply an air-styling cream, such as Redken No Blow Dry Just Right Cream on damp hair (if it’s too wet, it won’t dry by the morning). Then “section off into medium-sized bundles, plait, tie off and sleep,” says Jayne Wild, lead ambassador for ghd Australia & New Zealand. If hair is still damp the next morning, finish drying off with a hairdryer. Then “undo the braids, shake out with your fingers and set with a thin veil of hairspray.”

Redken No Blow Dry Just Right Cream


You want: surfer girl waves

Prep with a thermal protector, then run a tiny amount of volumising foam like ghd Total Volume Foam through the mid-lengths. “Start from the nape of the neck, section off a square inch and, holding your straightener on a slight angle, work it slowly from roots to ends, turning the barrel one way and then the other,” says Wild. When you’re done, flip your head upside down, shake from the roots only, and flip back. Finish with a shot of hairspray.

ghd Total Volume Foam


You want: to fix summer-ravaged hair

“Treatments are important for all hair colours in summer, as blondes can lose their golden tones and brunettes can turn brassy,” explains Wild. Commit to a weekly repairing regimen, and use a combination of mending masks and leave-in sprays, such as KMS Moist Repair Anti-Breakage Spray.

KMS Moist Repair Anti-Breakage Spray

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What’s your biggest hair woe post-summer? Any hair repair products you’re loving right now?

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