The surprising way to perfect cut-crease eye makeup

It may seem strange, but hey, if it works...

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 28 2020

There are very few makeup techniques that can elevate your look and add instant drama and intensity quite like a cut-crease can. If you’ve never heard of the trend before, the eye-enhancing trick involves drawing a sharp line with eyeshadow or a super-blendable liner across the crease of your eyelid before blending the colour up and out towards the brow bone to add depth to to your eye makeup look. It is, however, notoriously tricky to master.




Thankfully, beauty blogger, Juliana Leme has shared her surprising (and incredibly simple) hack for perfecting the cut-crease eye makeup look, every time. In fact, the hack is so simple, all you need is a soft drink bottle cap.

In a recent video posted on her Instagram, Leme used a bottle cap as a stencil for tracing a precise and defined line of eyeshadow across her crease. By using the bottle cap as a guide, not only is a well-placed and even line guaranteed, but the need for super-steady hands is also eliminated as shadow can be applied in a quick window washer style in no time at all.

Once Leme nails the defined line, she simply follows by blending the shadow upwards with a clean fluffy brush, creating a soft, yet multi-dimensional look.

The best thing about cut-crease eye makeup and Leme’s hack is that both light and dark shades can be used with differing outcomes. If you’re after a more natural look for day-to-day, lighter matte brown, peach or bronze shades can be used to add a hint of depth and definition, while darker browns, greys and black can also be applied for a dramatic look, perfect for any night out.

To see Leme’s mini tutorial in full, check out the video below:

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