Taylor Swift 'draws the cat eye sharp enough to kill a man' with *this* eyeliner

Meredith and Olivia would be proud

Digital Beauty Editor / October 25 2022

Considering her non-negotiable status as the world’s number one cat fan, it should come as a shock to absolutely nobody that Taylor Swift’s signature eye look is a cat eye. She did use her (hypothetical music video) will to dedicate her fortune to building a beachside cat sanctuary, after all.

But with 'Midnights' banger "Vigilante Sh*t" opening with the lyric “draw the cat eye sharp enough to kill a man”, it’s safe to say both we and Swift herself have locked in our new feline flick motivational phrase.

Unless your wing is sharp enough to double as a weapon, then it’s simply not ready! So how does Swift get the look? Well, her latest TikTok video may have revealed it. Showcasing a wing so sharp we’re almost scared of it, the songstress kicked off what will no doubt become a major TikTok trend for any likeminded winged liner lovers.

But while, yes, the jewels are glorious and the red lips are looking as iconic as ever, it’s still the crisp cat eye we’re obsessing over. So imagine our delight when makeup guru Pat McGrath (who according to Swift’s 'upcoming music video guests' reveal will be appearing in one) posted the same video, revealing the beauty brand behind the look.

“UGH I knew it was too good not to be PMG,” one user commented. So with that said, our spidey (or rather, Swiftie) senses tell us that it’s 99% certain that the Pat McGrath Labs Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner ($61 at Pat McGrath Labs) is the marker responsible.

Pat McGrath Labs Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner

A waterproof and smudge-proof liquid felt-tip liner with a flexible tip that provides velvety smooth lines (and razor-sharp wings) in the blackest black imaginable, it’s basically impossible to top. Only the best for the best, right?!

Swift isn’t the only celeb fan, either – it also happens to be Adele’s go-to! What a winner!

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