The $3 hack that’ll boost the pigment payoff of your eyeshadow

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Why have we never thought of this?

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / February 07 2018

We love how versatile an unassuming jar of Vaseline jelly is in solving beauty dilemmas in a pinch. We’re talking highlighting your cheekbones, removing last night’s smoky eye, shaping your brows and now – thanks to an aspiring makeup artist – we can add another genius hack to the list: upping the ante on our eyeshadow pigment.

Instagram user @flicke.r shared the new hack and not surprisingly, it quickly went viral! In the post she detailed her innovative hack for brighter eyeshadow, crediting Vaseline for making her colourful palette appear more pigmented/generally amazing and luminous. And going by the snaps that she posted, we wish we came across this little delight of a trick a whole lot sooner.

It’s beyond simple, and will diversify your eye makeup kit in a flash. In quite frankly the most straightforward of tips we have ever come across, @flicke.r explains:

1. Apply a bit of Vaseline over your eyeliner
2. Apply eyeshadow and you’re done

You gotta love simple

Although @flicke.r doesn't specifically mention how much Vaseline to use, we would recommend erring on the side of caution and only applying a thin layer to the lids.

And while you may expect Vaseline to be slippery and cause shadow creases, it acts like an eyeshadow primer by giving your product more grip while smoothing the lid’s surface. Oh, and it helps deliver a more luminous, vibrant and overall richer-looking finish (which we are all about).

However, @flicke.r warns that if you’re already using a highly pigmented eyeshadow, maybe hold off on this Vaseline hack. She says you’ll have a bit of trouble trying to blend your look. Instead, opt for using Vaseline with eyeshadows that could do with a boost on the pigmentation front – you know the ones: those powders we all have that look awesome in the palette but are barely visible once applied.

Now that you have your budget-friendly eye makeup base sorted, find out how to choose the right eyeshadow for your eye colour.

What do you think of this eyeshadow hack? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments below.

Main image credit: @patrickta
Inset image credit: @flicke.r

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