The newest Instagram hair trend has arrived

It’s rainbow hair goals to the extreme

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

Experimenting with unusual hair colours is a hot trend right now, but this one has upped the intensity to the next level. The vibrant rainbow dye job spotted on Instagram showcases colour so saturated it looks fake. We’re incredibly impressed.

The new hair trend we predict big things for is called the ‘hidden rainbow’ hair colour and has been perfected by Not Another Salon in London’s East End. To achieve the look, the top half of the hair is sectioned and pinned up before the bottom half is split into seven sections. Separate hair dyes are then applied to those seven sections at the back of the head, allowing you to swap between putting your rainbow look on show, or hiding it away to be office appropriate.

The finished look and shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple are so bright they look like they’ve come directly from the original rainbow Snapchat filter. And while we’re sure this look isn’t for everyone, it’s a surefire way to up the ante on your half-ponytail game.

Image credit: @notanothersalon

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