This celebrity has Australia’s favourite brows

Cara Delevingne brows

Hint: It’s not Cara Delevingne OR Brooke Shields

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 09 2018

Brows. For such a small patch of hair, these guys can essentially make or break your entire beauty look. They can do everything from change the shape of your face to re-size your nose, and they can even take years off your age. With 8.3million #brows hashtags on Instagram, it’s no wonder brows have become a worldwide phenomenon.

And it’s clear the obsession is here to stay, with Benefit Cosmetics choosing to give brows their own day of commemoration. That’s right, October 2nd is National Brow Day. 

In honour of National Brow Day this year, Benefit Cosmetics ran a survey to discover how Aussie women really felt about their brows - and the results were pretty surprising.

While you would be forgiven for thinking the likes of Cara Delevingne and ‘80s icon Brooke Shields would hold the title of best brows, it turns out that Audrey Hepburn actually has the most desirable celebrity eyebrows. A whopping 44 per cent of Australians opted for Audrey’s full, defined brows over these other popular celebrity brow looks.

Hannah Mutze, Benefit Cosmetic’s National Brow Artist, says the fullness of Audrey’s brows are a top reason why people like them so much. “Not too thick, not too thin. These brows are perfectly weighted to her face – a crucial element when flaunting a bold brow. Face shape, eye shape, hair colour and personal style all weigh in here.” says Mutze.

Her tip? Know what kind of brow shape and fullness suits your individual features. “Work with a brow expert to determine how full your brows should be. For the best DIY version, critique your brows in a photo – a camera looks at your brows without bias.”

According to Mutze, the straight shape of Audrey’s eyebrows is another important characteristic of their popularity, which essentially works to lift and shape her face. “Audrey’s tails (the outer third of an eyebrow) are quite lifted and flow almost horizontally. This shaping tip flatters most face shapes, and has a lifting and brightening effect on the whole face,” she explains. 

Mutze also credits the contoured style of Audrey’s defined brows. “For this style, ask your brow expert for a fuller, contoured brow. When creating [the look] at home, use the defining shade of Brow Contour Pro to define the edges of your brow, making sure your tail tapers into a neat point.”

Benefit’s survey also revealed that a whopping 88 per cent of women consider their eyebrows to be transformative for their face. Uneven brows were unveiled as the most common brow concern, receiving 33 per cent of the vote, followed closely by sparse brows (29 per cent) and unruly brows (25 per cent).

Interestingly, it was also found that two in every five Australian women claim they over-plucked their eyebrows in the ‘90s thanks to the thin brow trend seen on celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Gwen Stefani.

Whether it’s shaping, filling in or defining brows, it was uncovered that almost a third of women surveyed wear brow products every day or most days, with a brow pencil being the most popular product. Seeing as one Benefit brow product sells every two seconds across the globe, these stats totally make sense! 

The results also confirmed that 80 per cent of women like a natural brow over a full and feathered or bold and angular look, and 18 per cent of women would never leave home without doing their eyebrows.

Did you fall victim to the thin brows phase? These celebrity brow transformations prove that anyone can come back from an over-plucked brow. 

Which celebrity do you think has the most desirable brows? Let us know in the comment section below.

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