This genius pillowcase can help prevent breakouts

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This could change your beauty routine

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / February 08 2018

If your skin care routine is on point and you’re still struggling with breakouts, chances are your culprit is right under your nose/whole face…your pillowcase.

This sneaky offender is notorious for sabotaging the skin because it gets coated in a build-up of oil, dirt and products like your serum and hair treatment every night. And while it’s generally recommended that we change our pillowcases at least once a week, this tends to not happen because it’s waaay too difficult and geez, we don’t live in a laundromat.

The simple solution? Déjà Pages Pillowcase. It’s pretty much a dream lazy girl hack for fighting breakouts because it makes it super simple to sleep on a clean surface every night.

How does one such pillowcase make life so easy? This pillowcase essentially has pages you can turn!

This means you can flip over to a fresh sheet of the cotton case each night and sleep well knowing your skin is safe from rubbing against all the bad stuff you would normally leave on it the night before. Each page can be fastened with a ribbon at the back of the pillow to ensure it doesn’t budge, and there are three pages in total so that’s four night’s of good, clean sleep between washing. Is there anything more wonderful than laying your head down on a fresh pillowcase every night? We think not.

Once you’ve slept on every layer you can just chuck the whole pillowcase in the washing machine and start again. Totally genius.

Just to drive home even more why this product is SO essential for keeping your skin pimple-free, Déjà’s website reiterates that oil and dirt build-up make a prime breeding ground for bacteria. “Some bacteria are good, but some are acne-causing. You don't want to allow them to multiply on the surface where you will rest your face.” Eww.

So by rocking a fresh pillowcase every night, you’re single-handedly avoiding all kinds of grime that can clog pores and cause blemishes. Winning!

While they aren’t necessarily cheap – you’ll be forking out around AUD$55 (Déjà is an American brand) – it’s an investment that pretty much guarantees better skin (and less acne-fighting products in your future), we’re totally sold.

The Déjà Pillowcase ships to Australia and is available from

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What do you think of this new pillowcase? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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