This is the secret to Kim Kardashian’s weight loss success

And it's surprisingly simple

Women's Health / January 17 2018

The start of the new year brings three non-negotiables: sunburn, bikini weather and a desperate need to burn off alllll the holiday indulgences. But if you’re anything like Kim Kardashian, motivation can be hard to come by.

“It’s great how many people (myself included!) want to step up their workout game,” the mum-of-two wrote on her website.

“[But] Sometimes it can be hard to stick to a routine – especially if you indulged over the holidays. For staying motivated, my trainer Melissa [Alcantara] is so helpful. She keeps me focused and feeling good about the progress that I’ve made.”

Considering she’s lost almost 30kgs since the birth of her daughter North back in June 2013, Melissa is clearly on to something. And unlike most celebrity-spruiked workout regimes, it turns out her trick for keeping Kim on top of her game, is pretty darn doable.

“When I work with Kim, we like to set goals that we can feel good about reaching,” she said. “Once we have a goal set, we write it down. I’ve found that helps hold you accountable. And, it feels amazing when you do finally reach your goal!”

When it comes to getting your pre-hols body back, Melissa is also a firm believer that consistency is key.

“While it’s easy to fall off track, it’s tougher to get back on!” she added.

Eugh, if only we’d had Melissa on-side when seconds of Mum’s Chrissy pudding were being served up.

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