This beautyblender cleaning hack is a total gamechanger

beautyblender cleaning hack

Sorry to break it to you, but you’ve been doing it wrong

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / January 30 2018

Ah, the trusty beautyblender. If you’re anything like us then you use this little egg-shaped hero ALL the time. But if you’re also lazy (ahem, guilty!), you’ll haaate trying to clean them.

But just when we were about to give up the fight and nip over to Priceline to restock our sponge stash, we found this little gem of a beauty tip from a Redditor named JustanotherMUA.

She posted a photo of a clean orange beautyblender on Reddit and wrote, “I washed my sponge using the microwave method and it only took 5 minutes!”

The ‘microwave method’ we hear you ask? Well, JustanotherMUA swears by putting her beautyblender in the microwave (yep) for a sparkly clean, foundation-free sponge.

She wrote, “I wish I had a before picture because it was absolutely soaked in foundation. But this method was so easy even for a lazy person like me who hates washing sponges and brushes!”

So, what’s involved? The process is actually super simple. First off, JustanotherMUA grabs a mug and adds a few drops of dishwashing liquid into the bottom of it, filling three-quarters with warm water.

She then places the beautyblender in the mug and pops it in the microwave for one minute “to further loosen stains”, before leaving it to stand for another minute (be careful when you take it out!).

Next, she takes the beautyblender out of the mug (we’re being totally naggy, but it’ll be hot so seriously, be careful!), soaks it with water and scrubs it slightly with one more drop of dishwashing liquid to get out any deep stains. She then rinses and dries the sponge with a hair dryer to prevent mould and other nasties. All up, the entire process takes just five minutes.

JustanotherMUA also added, “PS: this sponge is 9 months old so it's quite old for the condition.”

To say we were shocked by the results is an understatement - her sponge looked brand freakin’ new.

Consider us converts.

If you’re more of a makeup brush kinda gal, this brush cleaning trick is the perfect solution for you.

Would you try this Redditor’s beautyblender cleaning hack? Let us know in the comment section below.

Image credit: @beautyblender

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