People on TikTok are freezing their beauty blenders for a poreless finish

But does it actually work?

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / December 01 2021

TikTok’s beauty hacks can range from disastrous to revolutionary, while some just miss the mark completely.

In general we’ve found  the dermatologist-approved skin care tips to be best, like the TikTok wet skin care hack. The messy bun hack has also saved our oily strands from public disgrace too many times to count. But then there’s ones like the banana peel facial, that just left us scratching our heads and with the pungent odour of old banana in our nostrils (#neveragain).

So just what shenanigans are the beauty lovers of TikTok getting up to this time? Well, they’ve decided that the best way to apply foundation is with a frozen beauty blender. 

Yep, that’s right. Move over frozen peas because as far as we’re concerned you’re taking up valuable real estate that could be occupied by our makeup tools. 

The hack has been documented using the hashtag #frozenbeautyblender so we can all follow along and watch as countless individuals leave their makeup sponges on ice (literally). 

The general consensus is that the frozen beauty blender helps to minimise puffiness, the appearance of pores, and even diffuses makeup to create a smooth, flawless finish:

Not everyone is convinced by the trick, however, as one TikToker Amelia Olivia pointed out that she found the frozen beauty blender actually left her makeup looking cakey and harder to blend. 

“Did it work? Kind of,” Olivia quipped as she wrapped up her review. “Will I do it again? No.”

She also said she had to change hands half-way through applying her foundation because her fingers got so cold it “felt like they were going to fall off”.

Editorial makeup artist Zoë Moore also seems skeptical: "I find this trend a little odd,” she said in an interview with Refinery29

“Using cooling aids can help de-puff skin but to apply foundation with a frozen Beauty Blender could be a disaster.” 

Why? Well, according to Moore, “when it starts to thaw, the water will mix with any oil-based foundations and result in a cakey, unblended finish."

Instead the makeup artist recommends sticking to using your fingers, "as the warmth from your hands helps the product blend beautifully into the skin."

In conclusion, you’re more than welcome to chuck your makeup sponge in the freezer but we’d advise sticking to water-based foundations to save yourself a disappointing result.

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