8 genius hair hacks TikTok taught us

Where have these been all our lives?

Digital Beauty Editor / September 02 2020

How to: nail faux bangs

Don't lie: you've totally thought about cutting a fringe in quarantine, haven't you? Call it the Bella-Hadid-meets-Marianne-from-Normal-People effect, but suddenly bangs seem more tempting than ever. TikTok's advice? Try before you buy (or in this case, chop) with this genius faux fringe-creating hack.

How to: style a super easy updo

The premise is simple: get all your hair up and away from your face. The practice, however – especially when the goal is 'ethereal but polished' rather than 'just rolled out of bed' – is the opposite of simple; in fact, it's hard as hell. Until now, of course – this technique is foolproof.

How to: get coloured hair without colour

Want to be an E-girl for the day sans commitment? Put down the dye and look to your makeup kit instead. This means that yep, even you brunettes can get in on the DIY hair colouring action that your darker shade depth so often leaves you out of.

How to: tie up your texture

Puff styles are chic as hell, but finding an accessory able to successfully secure all that glorious texture can be tricky. And while TikTok previously revealed that stockings can work wonders for adding heatless curls to straight strands, they've now revealed their other secret talent and boy is it brilliant...

How to: master the five-second facelift pony

Keen to take your ponytail into Ariana Grande/Kendall Jenner/Hailey Bieber territory? Get the look (and the razor-sharp cheekbones to match) with this face-sculpting pony – we're not saying it'll be comfy, but there's no doubt it'll be cute.

How to: fake a voluminous bun with thin hair

Thin or fine hair can be a blessing when you've got five minutes to style your hair before your out-the-door deadline, and yet when you're after a gloriously full top knot it can sometimes end up looking a little more like Bradley Cooper's half-hearted man bun than desired. So, here's how to fake some next-level bun body.

How to: polish your half-up half-down do

A half-up half-down hairdo is a tried-and-true style perfect for adding a little polish to a look when a plain old down-do won't cut it – but the age-old question remains: how the hell do you hide the hair tie? Well, put your ribbons away for now, people - TikTok has gifted us all with the tucked-away answer.

How to: Refresh your curls in the AM

Ever wake up in the morning and find your once soft and bouncy curls, frozen, stiff and difficult to manage? Turns out TikTok user @manesbymell has the answer, and it involves none other than a face steamer and a minute of your time. Some call it a moisture infusion, we call it genius.

How To: Master the art of the messy bun

Who doesn’t love a messy bun? The lowkey style is our go-to on lazy Sundays. The only problem is they never seem to stay in place for long and we always find ourselves blowing stray hairs out of our face as the day progresses. @skogelisabeth has the solution and it turns out all you need is three regular-shmegular hair ties... colour us intrigued.

Main image credit: @stef_fit

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