8 top beauty trends from around the world

8 top beauty trends from around the world

Pinterest has spoken

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / June 21 2018

From a revival of the ‘80s perm to the flawless ‘no makeup’ makeup look, beauty trends are ever-evolving and sometimes it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve. But for this, you have Pinterest (and us here at Beauty Crew, of course).

With over 4.1 million beauty ideas saved each month in Australia alone, Pinterest has done us all a solid and gathered the top beauty trends for countries right across the globe. And it seems each nation has their own set of ideas as to what is trending, what products to buy and how to apply each one.

Here are the standout beauty looks that these eight countries can’t stop pinning.

#1 / Australia

In Australia, it seems we are embracing the natural 'no makeup' makeup look on a whole new level. We’ve already clued you in on it being one of the hottest celebrity-approved trends of the moment, and Pinterest agrees - it has seen a whopping 55 per cent increase in saves for ‘natural makeup’ since last year.

Looking to perfect ‘I woke up like this’ radiance? Using makeup to create a really natural look isn’t as scary as it sounds – our top tip is to bring it back to basics and remember that fresh and glowing skin is the ultimate key. Opt for neutral shades of eyeshadow, matching bronzers and highlights that’ll give you a fresher look. For more insight to nailing the look, read our rundown here.

#2 / South Korea

If you haven’t already heard, perms are back in a big way in 2018 – and South Korea is totally into it! This unexpected hair trend takes a more modern approach, and it involves ditching the extreme volume and super-tight springs for tousled, more relaxed-looking curls. 

From Olivia Munn to Emma Stone and Jamie King, voluminous, textured hairstyles have dominated the red carpet this year and South Korea is soaking up ALL the curly hair inspo: saves for ‘hair perm’ went up +205 per cent since last year.

#3 / France

It seems like the French can’t get enough of their signature classic. Effortless Parisian chic beauty continues to be a French fave! Pinterest reported an 85 per cent increase in saves for brown eye makeup in France – an essential product for mastering a natural beauty look.

Opting for a neutral eyeshadow colour like brown, teamed with clean, dewy skin and carefree hair are the key ingredients to a refined and sophisticated look. Excuse us while we immediately take a leaf out of the French’s beauty book.

#4 / Sweden

It’s no secret that the bold pink hair trend has taken the world by storm and Sweden is proving that it’s here to stay. Pinterest has revealed that saves for ‘pink hair’ have skyrocketed to +120 per cent since last year in Sweden.

A versatile all-over colour on both blondes and brunettes, it’s a sure-fire way to overhaul your hair for an edgier, more eye-catching look. With a long list of celebs including Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Lucy Hale all jumping on the pink hair trend this year, bold vibrant hair colours have never been more popular - and we’re anticipating the trend is sticking around for the long haul.

#5 / United States

Although braids have become one of the hottest hairstyles over the last few years, the US is taking their braiding game to the next level. From boho to sleek braided hairstyles, it seems US pinners have been brushing up on their braiding skills with saves for ‘braided hairstyles’ going up +445 per cent since last year. 

If you’re keen to jump in on the trend, but need a bit of a refresher (practice does make perfect, after all), check out our handy hair braiding guide.

#6 / Canada

There’s no doubt that adding some bright, sun-kissed highlights to your hair makes for a fun and fresh style. Canada seems to be embracing their warmer weather by lightening their locks, with searches for ‘blonde highlights’ going up +345 per cent since last year.

Feeling inspired? Check out some of our expert tips on what you need to know before going lighter. Just remember that no matter your natural base hair colour, your blonde highlights can end up looking brassy, so make sure you invest in a good purple shampoo and conditioner to help keep the colour fresh and vibrant.

#7 / South Africa

While there has been some *mighty* questionable nail art going around as of late (did you see J.Lo’s $100 note nails?), nothing quite beats a classic and sophisticated French manicure. And South Africa knows what’s up. Saves for ‘French manicure’ on South African pinboards have risen by +555 per cent.

If you want to get on board the trend but don’t have time for a professional paint job, line up your tools – we’ll show you how to achieve a similar look at home.

#8 / Mexico

A firm favourite with brunettes wanting to play with lighter shades, balayage and sun-kissed ends are the perfect way to lighten up your locks without going completely blonde.

While this style is a highly popular look that has been trending on our shores for quite some time, Pinterest tells us that it’s especially all the rage in Mexico right now with saves for ‘balayage for brunettes’ increasing by +235 per cent. While new hair colours seem to fall in and out of vogue, balayage seems to be one trend the world continually can’t get enough of.


Interested in finding out which trends took the top spots last year? Check out the 11 top global beauty trends from 2017.

What do you think of these worldwide beauty trends? Would you try any of them? Let us know in the comment section below.

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