Troye Sivan is releasing his inaugural fragrance line

We feel the (fragrance) rush

Beauty Content Assistant / August 22 2023

Troye Sivan’s fragrance collection

Its name? Tsu Lange Yor. Yiddish for ‘to long years’, Sivan (and his brother) created the totally Aussie-made collection with their Jewish heritage in mind (and as a nod to his great-grandmother who spoke Yiddish). 

Sivan has long since been obsessed with the idea of home. His Architectural Digest issue is something he often credits people mentioning as their first topic with him. He wanted the collection to “feel intimate, genuine and personal” and to be able to give people a second to slow down, treat themselves and be present in their space. 

As far as we know there are three fragrance scents, each evoking a different memory and moment in time. The collection also includes candles, essential oil burners (that look alarmingly tooth-like) and other homewares items.

While there is currently no official release date, Sivan has teased that it will be really soon. And if you’re lucky enough, the brand is hosting a pop up in Melbourne starting August 18th and running until the 24th (location info in the brand’s Insta bio).

Main image credit: @troyesivan


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