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Beauty Crew Editor / September 19 2018

If a hollow under-eye area or dark circles top your biggest beauty concerns list, chances are you’ve stumbled across under-eye fillers in your hunt for a long-term solution. And you wouldn’t be alone: Google searches for the injectible treatment have doubled since this time last year.

We know the whole arena of injectibles can seem a little terrifying if you don’t know all that much about it. And if fillers are something you’re seriously considering, it’s best to be armed with all the information you could need so you can feel completely comfortable should you decide to make the change. To do this, we reached out to Dr Jonathan Hopkirk, a Cosmetic Injector at Laser Clinics Australia and a trained medical doctor who has received full certification in anti-wrinkle and cosmetic injectibles. In short, he knows his stuff!

What are under-eye fillers?

You might be familiar with how dermal fillers can be used to increase volume in lips, and under-eye fillers aren’t too different. Dermal fillers are delicately administered in small doses in the hollows under your eyes to help re-volumise the area.

Can fillers help get rid of dark circles?

Well, according to Dr Hopkirk, that depends if the shadows under your eyes are caused by a lack of volume or if it’s a pigment issue. “It’s incredibly important to dissociate these two from each other given dark circles may not always be improved by dermal fillers if the origin is that of pigment,” he says. “Darkness in this particular area can be improved if the client has volume loss, which is leading to shadowing caused by the nasal bridge and orbit of the eye. Restoring this volume deficit with dermal filler can reduce the appearance of tiredness and soften under-the-eye circles. However, if the dark circles are primarily caused by pigment, then dermal filler will not necessarily help to improve this.”

Why else might someone look into under-eye fillers?

While some may look into the procedure to tackle dark circles specifically, it could also be an option for those seeking anti-ageing solutions. Dr Hopkirk explains, “By restoring under-eye volume loss, it can have the added bonus of lifting lower facial surface tissues by way of a ‘tent-pole’ reaction. When volume is lost in the mid-face and under-eye area, the skin has a tendency to flatten out and descend towards the lower facial area (from under the nose to chin), creating more prominent lower face creases. When under-eye volume is restored in conjunction with other mid-face filler treatments, this can help to lift that descending skin and soften lower facial lines. Further to this, under-eye filler can help soften under-eye wrinkles to a certain degree.” 

What’s involved in the process?

When it comes to dermal fillers at Laser Clinics Australia, you can be rest assured you’re in good hands from beginning to end. All cosmetic injectible treatments are performed by one of their doctors or registered nurses, and they only use the world’s best cosmetic injectible brands. But the whole process starts with a conversation.

Did you know? The team at Laser Clinics Australia are trained in facial anatomy and muscle placement.

"The consult here is crucial to first establish whether a client is a good candidate for the treatment. Once the injector has established you are suitable for the treatment, the area being treated will be cleaned thoroughly, numbed with topical anaesthetic and then marked out for treatment zone guidance. The injector will then delicately administer dermal filler in small doses in the under-eye area to achieve desired results,” explains Dr Hopkirk. 

If one of your concerns about delving into the world of dermal fillers and cosmetic injectibles is that it may look unnatural or ‘obvious’, it may put you at ease to know that Laser Clinics Australia don’t believe in a one-size-fits all solution. They’re all about tailoring your treatment to you and helping enhance or rejuvante whatever makes you feel your most confident (and not just with cosmetic injectibles; the same goes for their laser hair removal and skin treatments, too).

Is it painful?

It’s best to expect some discomfort with the procedure, but nothing that’s unbearable. The treatment naturally has a tendency to feel uncomfortable, simply because of the close proximity to the eyes…[At Laser Clinics Australia] we use the leading cosmetic injectible brand, which contains anaesthetic for maximum patient comfort. That being said, the actual process itself is not considered to be any more painful than anti-wrinkle injectible treatments,” says Dr Hopkirk.

Is there any downtime afterwards?

This area of the face is particularly sensitive with respect to swelling and irritation. It is to be expected that the area will feel tender and can swell in the immediate 24 hours post-treatment. This area can also be prone to bruising given the array of superficial blood vessels located here. This is where the importance of aftercare comes in and ensuring low levels of activity and facial pressure in the area,” explains Dr Hopkirk. He also advises allowing for a few days after the treatment to let any bruising or swelling properly subside.

How long do the results last?

According to Dr Hopkirk, the results can be expected to last anywhere from eight to 16 months depending on the client’s baseline volume deficit and case complexity, as well as the doses used.

He also advises checking in with your injector to “best gauge when you may benefit from further treatments to this area. When the volume loss in this area is becoming evident again, assessment for further treatment can be arranged, however it’s important not to ‘overdo’ this particular region of the face given how sensitive it is. 

What would make you a bad candidate for under-eye fillers?

While the procedure may sound appealing, for some it’s best to avoid it altogether. According to Dr Hopkirk, clients who may not be considered suitable for this treatment include:

- Those who have extremely laxed skin in this area with marked puffiness
- Those who have chronic sinus issues
- Those who experience chronic morning under-eye swelling
- Those who have suffered facial trauma to the eye sockets and have prostheses in the bony orbit
- Those who have dark circles that are primarily attributed to pigment more so than volume loss.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, there is no hard-and-fast cost. The cost will come down to the individual, given that each treatment is tailored to the client. Dr Hopkirk’s advice? Book a consultation with your cosmetic injector for further information.

If you have any more questions about under-eye fillers (or dermal fillers in general), get in touch with Laser Clinics Australia.

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