The expensive skin treatment Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill uses

Guess this is why the model always looks flawless

Contributor / September 11 2018

Here’s a comforting thought of the day, Victoria’s Secret Angels don’t actually wake up with perfect skin.

Yes, there’s no denying the Angels are genetically blessed with their plump pouts, flawless skin, doll-like lashes and a jaw-dropping body. But it seems they do get a little help to get them looking this way, or at least Taylor Hill does.

The model, along with her celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian, recently revealed one of the skin care procedures she undergoes when they uploaded an Instagram video of the brunette babe at his clinic. 

The skin treatment focuses on removing dark circles and bags under the eyes through the use of a dermal filler and Coolaser in a pain-free procedure: Taylor calmly sat there while Dr. Simon Ourian applied the machinery to her under eye area.

As the treatment only takes 20 minutes, my immediate thought was sign me up straight away. But then I saw the price tag. This procedure certainly doesn’t come cheap, costing $2900-$5900 US dollars, and as Dr. Ourian explains, (the price is) “depending on the cause of dark circles and treatment modalities needed”.

So for the rest of us who don’t have access to cosmetic dermatology, we think sticking to an excellent concealer and eye cream will do for now.

Photo credit: Getty Images 

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