The budget makeup palette a Victoria’s Secret Angel swears by

It’s about to become your new summer staple

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / January 31 2019

When a Victoria’s Secret Angel decides to unveil some of her favourite beauty products, it usually leaves us eagerly waiting until our next pay day. Because truth is, looking like a supermodel sure ain’t cheap (case in point: Taylor Hill’s go-to facial treatment).

But when said beauty products are actually affordable, you’re going to bet we’ll sound the alarm and let EVERYONE know about it. Because friends, it’s a good day when you can replicate a VS Angel’s beauty game.

In our exclusive interview with Victoria’s Secret Angel and Maybelline New York Global Spokesmodel Herieth Paul, the model revealed one of her favourite makeup palettes of the moment – and it’ll set you back less than $30.

The palette is the new Maybelline New York Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette - and it’s about to become your new summer staple. “This palette is so playful because it has so many colours that suit all kinds of skin tones,” says Herieth. “For a girl like me, wearing eyeshadow is not always easy, but this palette makes it so easy to test new eyeshadow looks!”

The palette features an impressive selection of matte and shimmer finishes, including a mix of pink, peach, neutral, yellow and gold hues – the perfect combo for that sun-kissed vibe. Whether you’re opting for an everyday makeup look or something a little more dramatic, it offers a heap of different possibilities in one – and according to Hereith, it’s actually a serious little multitasker.

“My go-to way to wear the Lemonade Craze palette is actually using the Sugar Coated shade to highlight the top of my cheekbones, the tip of my nose and the arch of my brow,” she says. “I also like applying Old Fashioned in the crease of my eyelid to make the Sugar Coated really pop.”

“My favourite shade is Ice Pop. Beyond wearing it as an eyeshadow, I mix it with my moisturiser and apply it as blush. I also mix it with my [Maybelline] Baby Lips lip balm and apply it as a lip tint.” 

An eyeshadow, blush and highlighter palette all in one? Um, yes please.

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What do you think of the new Maybelline Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette? Have you tried it yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

Erin Docherty is a Beauty Writer for BEAUTYcrew, Beauty Editor for Women's Health magazine and a Grooming Writer for Men's Health magazine. She has a keen interest in cosmeceutical skin care and is currently working on minimising her 9-step skin care routine – because ain’t nobody got time for that. When she’s not writing about the latest beauty news, or applying copious amounts of serum, you can find her spending all her money in Sephora.