This new under-eye concealer technique is *life changing*

The Life-Changing Concealer Trick For Hiding Dark Circles

No caking to see here

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / June 27 2019

If you suffer from dark circles, bags, puffiness, signs of ageing or pigmentation under your eyes, you’re definitely not alone. You’re also not alone if you’re reaching for a concealer to help fix the issue.

You’ve also probably found that your under-eye area is one of the trickier spots on your face to cover. Anyone else gone to town on trying to hide their dark circles only to end up with a creasy, cakey mess? Yeah, not a good look.

But we’ve got good news…

English makeup artist and beauty vlogger Wayne Goss has kindly just spilt ALL of his trade secrets on his latest technique for flawless under-eye concealer application in a YouTube vlog.

So, what’s the deal with this new makeup technique?

“The whole point of this tutorial and this concealer technique is to work the product into the skin. The ‘Instagram concealer’ so to speak, is going nowhere, so we want to try and work it so that it’s into the skin and look likes it’s a part of the skin so it’s beautiful and flawless,” says Goss.

Best of all, you likely already own *all* of the products you need for this concealer trick.

“What you’re going to need is a concealer, a little sponge, a tissue and a brush,” says Goss.

For a high-budget concealer option, Goss likes Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector (his shade is Bisque) or for a low-budget option, he’s a fan of Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer. Whatever you’re using, ensure it’s a shade lighter than your foundation. 

Now for the how-to…

#1 / Apply your concealer

“I’m actually going to apply it quite heavily for this tutorial. So, I’m applying quite a lot of product – more than you need,” Goss explains before applying the concealer in a heavy grid pattern from the bottom of his eyes to his cheekbones.

#2 / Buff with a brush

Goss then takes his Wayne Goss Brush 9 (for a similar makeup brush, try MAC Cosmetics 195 Concealer Brush) and thoroughly works the product into the skin, ensuring underneath the inner and out corners are also covered.

And here’s a cool trick: If you’ve already applied your eyeshadow, Goss says you can clean it up by buffing the concealer in an arch shape at the outer corners of your eyes to give your eyeshadow a really “clean line”.

#3 / Press the concealer into the skin with a damp sponge

“Use a damp beautyblender sponge or a damp sponge to press that into the skin,” says Goss.

Continue pressing until your result is flawless. And as Goss says, there should be “bugger-all product left because it’s all into the skin”.

# 4 / Set with powder for longevity

Finally, for the icing on the (*non-cakey) cake:

“This is the joyful bit - you can now powder this and it won’t go anywhere. It looks like your skin because you’ve worked the product into the skin with the brush first [and] you’ve also blended it out so it becomes a part of the skin. Even though we’ve gone lighter [with the shade], it’s blending into the rest,” says Goss.

“It is truly life changing for those of you who struggle with concealer looking heavy under the eyes or cakey,” says Goss.

We can’t wait to try it!

If you'd like to see Wayne Goss's full demonstration of his technique, check this out:

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Have you tried Wayne Goss’s concealer technique yet? What other concealer tricks do you swear by? Let us know how it went in the comments. 

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