3 ways high-tech gadgets can transform your workout

Push your fitness to the next level

Who Contributing Editor / September 16 2016

Everyone strives on a little healthy competition, even if it’s only between you and yourself. If you want to be challenged to beat your own PB (that’s personal best) then tracking your fitness progress is the way to go. Meet the gadgets transforming your workout and keeping tabs on daily exercise.


Boost your cardio

Getting swimsuit-ready requires cardio. A clever way to monitor your exercise regimen? The Fitbit Alta wristband. Heart rate, calories burnt and kilometres covered are all tracked to help maintain motivation. You can even start friendly competitions with other Fitbit users through the app to keep things interesting!


Keep you connected

Corporate types or sufferers of FOMO (fear of missing out) will appreciate the Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch, which tracks fitness results while alerting you to incoming calls, texts and emails. Being ‘too busy’ to exercise is no longer an acceptable excuse.


Count every little step

The impact of incidental exercise becomes apparent when you’re tracking results with an Apple Watch Sport. Monitor your health and fitness, set workout goals, voice-control your music and even receive a gentle prompt when you’ve been sitting for too long. In case you need an excuse to walk to the fridge.

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