Small ways to maintain your sense of wellbeing right now

Because we need you in top form for all that social justice sis

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 04 2020

The year thus far has been a real sh*t-fest if we’re being completely honest.

And while it may have been okay to wallow in the depressing melancholic soup of it all a few weeks ago, we all need to be in top form so we can go out into the world and support one another; to honour the Black Lives Matter movement and seek justice for George Floyd.

Let’s march for change but remember to take care of ourselves in the process.

Log off social media

Sometimes you just gotta do it. Put down the phone, take a deep breath and focus on realigning your attention to your immediate surroundings. Practice mindful awareness. If you’re tempted to peek, get out of the house and go for a walk. 

Write in a journal

Write down your thoughts and feelings. Write poems. Write diary entries. Write novels. It doesn’t matter. Just get something down on paper. If this doesn’t come easily to you, we suggest drawing or even employing the help of a colouring book or two.

Talk to friends about how they’re feeling

Sometimes it’s great to speak to a friend going through the same experience in order to contextualise our own experience of events. When we are able to have our reality seen and recognised by another person it can create a space for mutual support and healing. Best friends for life amiright?


Whether you’re a HIIT freak or a sworn yogi, move your body, and keep yourself mentally and physically healthy. Exercise results in endorphin-release and increase in serotonin in the brain. Yes, love that for us.

Immerse yourself in water

Bath? Shower? Pool? Pick your poison. Doesn’t really matter. Just immerse yourself in water and practice being still. Float. Feel weightless. Enjoy.


Take that mindful awareness one step further and engage in a regular meditative practice. All you need is five to ten minutes, a lit candle or two and a guided meditation track sourced from YouTube and you’ve got yourself a DIY meditation class.

Most importantly, take care of yourselves and others. Be kind. Let’s get peaceful out there guys.

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