The rules of TikTok’s ‘75 Soft Challenge’ are far kinder to your body

Healthy habits that are actually attainable

Editor / August 08 2022

We’re not typically fans of challenges and detoxes. And don't even get us started on New Year's resolutions. However, experts say spring is the best time for setting health and wellness goals, so if you’re feeling the slump of a bad sleep schedule and too much boozin’, TikTok’s 75 Soft Challenge may be exactly what you need.

Sound familiar? Originally it was the 75 Hard Challenge that went viral on the social media platform. Created in 2019 by entrepreneur Andy Frisella and pegged as a ‘metal toughness program’, it now has over 500 million views and counting. 

And while some participants raved about it, others have pointed out the potential dangers and unhealthy implications of the challenge. It is both physically and mentally demanding, with restrictions that can be triggering for some.

As a result, the 75 Soft Challenge was born, with kinder and more realistic rules to follow.

Who created the 75 Soft Challenge?

There have been a few adaptations of the 75 Hard Challenge, but the most notable from TikTok is by creator @StephenGFitness.

Crafting four new rules for “people who don’t have the time for two 45-minute workouts a day”, he posted the challenge modification on 2nd April 2021 and has since completed the 75 days.

What are the 75 Soft Challenge rules?

1. Eat well and only drink on social occasions.

2. Train for 45 minutes every day for 75 days. There are no days off but one day each week should be active recovery.

3. Drink three litres of water per day.

4. Read 10 pages of any book per day.

75 Soft Challenge vs 75 Hard

The 75 Hard Challenge is a lot stricter than the 75 Soft.

For starters, zero alcohol or ‘cheats meals’ are allowed in the 75 Hard, and if you ‘fail’, you have to start the 75 days again. Did somebody say “red flag”?

You’re also meant to train twice per day for 45 minutes, with one of those sessions to be outside. Why? Who knows. 

The rules for drinking water and reading are similar, though it’s specified to be a non-fiction book in the 75 Hard.

Can you have alcohol on 75 Hard?

Like a lot of other diet and wellness challenges, you're not meant to consume any alcohol during the 75 Hard Challenge. The 75 Soft Challenge is a little more lenient in this realm, allowing alcohol to be consumed on 'social occasions', which is often a big hurdle for some.

Keep track with a 75 Soft Challenge pdf  

A challenge is a challenge, of course, and some people certainly enjoy the difficulty of the original 75 Hard. But if you’re looking for a more attainable and sustainable way to kickstart healthy habits, the 75 Soft may be a better choice. If you love keeping yourself accountable, try printing off a 75 Soft pdf (we found this great one on Etsy for $2.22) so you can tick off each day. Or better yet, create your own for free!


Main image credit: @joja and @readbykatelyn

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