Abbie Chatfield shares her hilarious skin needling experience

Relatably red?!

Content Producer / August 18 2023

She then explained, after her treatment, when at the service centre, she was advised she would have to take a new license picture.

"I was like… ‘That’s fine, whatever. Who really cares.’ Look what the f**king outcome is.”

She then proceeded to show a rather red-faced portrait of herself.

A skin needling experience we can all relate to (Image credit: @abbiechatfield)

A skin needling experience we can all relate to (Image credit: @abbiechatfield)

“A seccie is going to laugh at this! There’s gonna be a security guard that goes ‘What the f**k love?’ And what the f**k love, indeed!”

"I can’t get over it… humbled, f**king humbled.”

We’ve all fallen victim to the bad licence picture. They’re sub-par at the best of times - and that’s with preparation. But there’s something so innately relatable about the unprepared picture, combined with a session of skin needling, that has us keeling over with laughter.

If anything, Chatfield looks pretty great to us. However, it’s nice to know that celebs are not immune to the pitfalls of intensive skin treatments…

Main image credit: @abbiechatfield

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