Adele just revealed the exact eyeliner she likes to use

Plus, her top tip for applying false lashes

Digital Beauty Editor / October 26 2021

Have we missed Adele’s hauntingly beautiful voice during her hiatus? Yes, obviously – we’ve had “Easy On Me” on loop since it dropped. Something else we’ve missed (perhaps) even more, however, is another thing we’d file under ‘Adele’s iconic signatures’: her eyeliner.

Because while it’s a makeup staple in Hollywood, nobody (nobody, we tell you) nails a classic cat eye quite like Adele. The shape is always absolutely perfect, the shade is always a beautifully opaque black, and we’ve never seen the crisp finish look anything less than flawless.

So, what is this superstar-status liner she (or her makeup artist, of course) wields to create these gorgeous wings? Well, now we know. Chatting to Vogue for their 73 Questions series, Adele was asked to reveal “who makes her favourite eyeliner”, and she did not hesitate to answer.

“Pat McGrath” was her response, or to be more precise, the Pat McGrath Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner ($50 at Sephora – but currently waitlisted – or $44.84 at Net-A-Porter).

Pat McGrath Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner

A delightfully deep black inky eyeliner with a soft, fine and flexible tip, it’s said to deliver “pristine definition” with “gorgeous colour payoff”. Sounds like the culprit behind Adele’s cat eye to us. It also happens to be waterproof, so yes, you can indeed apply before a listening session of Adele’s greatest (and most tear-tempting) hits.

It turns out said status is important to Adele herself, too. When asked whether she tends to cry while singing any of her songs she responded, "I do, to quite a few of my new ones, yeah." Waterproof liner for the win.

Of course, Adele’s go-to winged liner look wouldn’t be quite complete without the addition of a fluffy pair of falsies. What’s her hot tip for applying those?! “Get someone else to do it for you,” she laughed in the Vogue video. Look, we wish it wasn’t so, but A) we appreciate the transparency and B) true.

So there you have it – now we can all be apart of Adele’s impeccable cat eye club.

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