Ariana Grande has a genius hack for hiding her fringe

This is definitely a trick to try for those greasy-hair days

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

It’s no secret that Ariana Grande is a big fan of her signature sky-high ponytail, with the singer rarely straying too far from her go-to ‘do. Which is why we were so surprised to see the singer had jumped on the celebrity hair transformation bandwagon by opting for a full fringe.

Like most women, though, it seems that it didn’t take long for the maintenance of such a heavy fringe to get to the popstar, and Ariana was recently spotted looking exactly like she did before the chop.

How did Ariana achieve such wizardry by making her fringe basically disappear? Very cleverly, she decided to style her fringe out of the way by twisting and pinning the front section back into the top of her ponytail.

For those who have experienced the pain of a high-maintenance fringe, the awkward stage of growing one out, or are simply looking to style your hair differently, this hair hack offers a super easy solution (that actually looks quite stylish, too) to make your fringe disappear (even if it’s just for a day). If your fringe is on the wispier side, you could probably get away with doing one twist down the middle, but if it’s a bit heavier, split it into three equal sections to twist and pin back.

Image credit: Getty

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