Auburn is the must-try hair colour this season

Red and brunette have had a VERY chic baby

Digital Beauty Editor / March 24 2021

We'll bet you thought choosing between the big three (blonde, brunette and red) was tough, huh? Well, guess what; the 'bronde' trend has brought on an array of stellar shade sub-categories, and damn, are they enticing.

Our current fave? Auburn, AKA the red-brown hybrid that's delightfully deep and rich without being too dark or harsh.

As for what's brought on the auburn obsession, we blame the celebs who have been making it look a million bucks lately. Basically we plan to send our colourist's bill straight to Zoey Deutch...

What is auburn hair?

Wondering what the difference between auburn and red really is? Well, auburn is a variety of red hair, generally one of the reddish-brown variety. It definitely has a wide depth spectrum, too, ranging from light cinnamon shades to deep mahogany/merlot colours.

The real win of auburn is the face-flattering warmth it brings with it; not only will it complement a wide array of skin tones, but it'll also help your hair to look shinier, bouncier and healthier due to the extra light warm shades tend to reflect. Basically, while it's gorgeous year-round, it'll definitely do your slightly more sullen autumn-winter skin a favour in the brightening department. A welcome perk.

Lana Del Rey

Drew Barrymore


How do you get auburn hair?

Auburn is definitely a complex colour category, but hey, complexity also equals versatility, so it's a good thing.

If you want a lighter, brighter auburn (think something Sansa Stark inspired), you'll need to be working with a blonde/bronde base, or lift your colour a few shades lighter prior to adding the auburn wash.

If your hair is currently a mid to dark brunette hue, you're made in the shade. A rich, warm auburn colour layered over the top will work a treat. Keen to dabble before diving in? Or maybe you're just after a blend with added dimension? Ask your colourist to help you give auburn-toned lowlights a go first.

The colour depth you're starting with will usually inform the tone you're aiming for, too.

For example, the darker your hair, the cooler the tone, and vice versa (lighter = warmer). This isn't a set-in-stone rule you need to follow (you know your features best, after all), but it's a good general guide.

If you're working with lighter shades like blonde or light brown, a ginger-toned auburn will work best for you. If you suit mid-level brunette, a copper hue will be your safest bet. And for deeper, darker brunette hair, something in the garnet arena will be beautiful.



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