The autumn hair trends to try this season, according to an expert

Your colour, cut and style sorted

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 15 2023

Autumn is finally here and as we welcome the change in season our beauty routines require a  similar recalibration. 

Our plan? Prepare our skin for the dry conditions with injectable hyaluronic acid (otherwise known as Profhilo), adopt a comforting autumn fragrance, and paint our faces with a palette of cosy coloured autumnal makeup.

As for our hair? We turn to the professionals, of course. 

Here, founder of Sydney’s Salon Her, Michael Kelly, shares his autumn hair trend predictions.

Copper reigns supreme this season

Autumn is the perfect time to bite the bullet and go copper.  According to Kelly, if your tan is lacking oomph in the colder months, copper can help to bring life back to your look. 

“Copper is amazing,” Kelly gushes. The chameleonic colour “can [have] red, orange and gold undertones,” which means it’s forgiving on a multitude of skin tones. 

“If you're non-committal [use] a gloss to add that sheen of copper,” he suggests. 

“[It] will gradually fade out over eight shampoos,” he went on to say. “[So it’s] a great way to dip your feet in without diving the whole way in.” 

He recommends the O&M CLEAN.tone Copper Color Treatment ($39.95 at Adore Beauty) for the job. 




The bob is back

As far as hair cuts are concerned, “bobs are always in,” says Kelly. “Everyone is sporting them [thanks to Hailey Bieber].”

If you want to copy Bieber’s highly sought after hairstyle, he advises you “work [with] your natural texture,” otherwise you could find yourself spending more time than you’d like on styling your hair. 

“If you have a light wave to your hair make sure your hairdresser uses this to your advantage,” he explains. “On the days where you just can't be bothered, you’ll be able to wash, wear, and air-dry.”




Cut it with the at-home hair cuts

“To be honest [the] at-home hair cuts [need to go] FULLSTOP,” says Kelly. “[The] pandemic lockdowns are over, so there's no reason you should be braving it with TikTok in one hand and kitchen scissors in another.” ‘Nuff said. 

@ashlynnrudzinski let’s cut curtain bangs 🤌🏼 really just went for it + this is what worked for me! 💇‍♀️ #curtainbangtutorial #haircutathome ♬ original sound - waninggibbous

Gentle hair accessories

“Following the 2023 Oscars, we could be seeing a return of the simple black ribbon as seen on Florence Pugh and Vanessa Hudgens,” says Kelly. 

“Personally, I feel the Y2k claw clip will continue to trend in a variety of mixed metals and adornments,” Kelly says excitedly. “As a hair industry professional this is a great alternative to protect the integrity of the hair strands.”

You heard it here first — it’s time to ditch tight elastic hair bands and hair ties.




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