Ashy blonde is out this year, according to Beyoncé's hair colourist Rita Hazan

“Ash is out. Butter is in.”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / April 28 2023

Whether you are a blonde or your life is filled with them, we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking that ashy blondes are best.

But according to Rita Hazan (AKA the genius responsible for Beyoncé's hair colour) as far as 2023 is concerned “ash is out [and] butter is in,” she told WhoWhatWear

For those of us who’re ignorant to the nuances of lighter hair colours, unlike the icy, cool and distinguishing tones of ash blonde, buttery blonde is creamy, bright, sun-kissed and reflective. Think: Sofia Richie’s bridal hair for reference.

Image credit: @sofiarichiegrainge

Image credit: @sofiarichiegrainge

But buttery blonde isn’t the only hair colour that Hazan predicts making an impact in 2023. 

"Adding colour-blocking of blonde or any fantasy colour of your choice, either around your hairline like a chunky money piece or hidden underneath," à la Miley Cyrus is set to be a big trend this year according to the celebrity hair colourist.

Alternatively, you could always follow in Queen B’s footsteps with a honey-toned hue of blonde. Hazan collaborates with the singer to create a warm, dimensional colour that looks natural on a variety of skin tones. 

If you’re done with blonde altogether and you’re ready to dip your toes into darker waters, Hazan recommends trying a transitional bronde shade called milk chocolate. While warmer toned deep brunette hues such as chestnut are perfect for the brave of heart. 

But the warmth doesn’t stop there, hair is heating up even more in 2023 with shades like copper and strawberry blonde (as made relevant in 2023 by rapper Ice Spice) offering a refreshingly spicy alternative to traditional shades of blonde and brunette. 

Warmer hair colours seem fitting considering the time of year. As for the haircuts and accessories you should be trying this season? Check out these 2023 autumn hair trends.

Main image credit: @beyonce

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