This beauty retailer just made a major eco-friendly change

And we couldn’t be happier

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / March 05 2019

The tables are turning. Little by little, we are finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint and take better care of our dear friend, Mother Nature. Plastic bags are on their way out, straws are soon to follow, and our favourite beauty retailers are doing their bit and making us proud in the process.

Just hours ago, Adore Beauty made a very exciting announcement – they have new cardboard boxes to wrap their beauty products in for shipping.

Ok, it doesn’t sound that exciting, but hear us out.

The boxes Adore Beauty will now use are made from recycled cardboard and they’ve also implemented a savvy software program that helps them match the right box size for each of their send-outs, so there’s less wastage (read: no more receiving gigantic boxes only to find a whole lot of air – or worse, excessive amounts of bubble wrap – surrounding your itty bitty new lipstick and pot of concealer).

In their Instagram announcement, Adore Beauty said, “We've already been able to significantly reduce the amount of cardboard we use, and now we've also been able to introduce a new smaller box size that will reduce it even further.”


Adore Beauty aren’t the only ones making our beauty addiction more eco-friendly. Mecca give you the option to have your goodies wrapped up in sustainable packaging, instead of their signature box, every time you buy something from their online store. The eco-friendly option uses recycled and recyclable packaging, including a cardboard box and paper filling.

Looks like the sustainability trend is only just getting started. 

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Is sustainable beauty important to you? Do you have any tips for reducing our environmental footprint in the beauty space?

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