Bella Hadid just gave a rare health update on her battle with Lyme disease

"The most confusing thing ever"

Beauty Editor / August 09 2023

Ever wondered what a day in the life of an international supermodel looks like? Well if you’re asking Bella Hadid, she may give you an alarmingly different answer to most. As her fellow supermodel alumni are seemingly living it up with sister Gigi Hadid dancing front row at The Eras Tour and Kendall Jenner making a splash with her latest drugstore brand deal the youngest Hadid sister has been experiencing a far slower reality amidst her 100+ days of treatment for Lyme disease. 

You’d be forgiven for admitting this went entirely unnoticed. After all, it was only a few months ago that Hadid announced her latest career move, leaving Dior to become an ambassador for Charlotte Tilbury. In fact, to those of us following along at home, things for Hadid looked like business as usual. At least until she shared the brutal reality of her ongoing health condition in a confronting post to Instagram just this week.


For viewers of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you’d be familiar with Hadid’s Lyme disease diagnosis (which was a pivotal storyline on the show in 2012), an illness that she sadly shares with both her mother, Yolanda and younger brother, Anwar. Fast-forward to the present day and the supermodel is still battling what she has referred to as “almost 15 years of invisible suffering”. 

Alongside a thank you to her mum for her ongoing support, Hadid wrote: “living in this state, worsening with time and work while trying to make myself, my family and the people who support me, proud, had taken a toll on me in ways I can’t really explain. To be that sad and sick with the most blessings/privilege/opportunity/love around me was quite possibly the most confusing thing ever.”

To accompany this message she posted a series of images that included medical results, hospital beds, blood, tubes, a visibly depleted Hadid and one very loving support animal, her dog Beans who the model said "[never left her] side, not even for one second."

“I tried to pick the most positive pictures I could because as painful as this experience was, the outcome was the most enlightening experience of my life filled with new friends, new visions and a new brain.”


As for where she’s at now? The battle is ongoing, however so is Hadid’s fight. 

“I have so much gratitude for and perspective on life,” she said as she reflected on her hope to “have a lifetime of spreading love from a full cup and being able to truly be myself for the first time ever.”

Spoken like a true survivor.

Main image credit: @bellahadid

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