Here's exactly how to wax your own bikini line at home

From someone who's been doing it for years

November 29 2023

Despite the hilarious commentary many high-rise swimsuits received when they first hit the shelves, it seems the summer style is still trending with no signs of slowing down.

And while the cut poses a lot of questions, if your main one revolves around hair, shaving rash and perhaps the most beloved of all, ingrown hairs, you've come to the right place.

You see, for years (before laser) I tended my own lady garden and learnt through many a trial and error what works and what doesn't.

Ready for the first lesson? If it's a smooth nether region you desire, shaving shouldn't even be in the equation. Wax is the way to go for longevity and less chance of causing a rash.

So if you're keen to try a high-cut bikini or one-piece this summer and dread the idea of a stranger sorting you out, here's everything I know about successfully giving yourself a bikini wax at home.

Tips for giving yourself a DIY bikini wax at home

Tip #1/ Exfoliate first

At least 12 hours before, prep the area by exfoliating using a mitt or dry body brush. This will remove any dead skin the wax may cling to and also help to prevent ingrown hairs by clearing the pathway. The ideal length for hairs pre-wax is about half a centimetre or a grain of rice. I like to think it's also once they're past the spiky stage but not quite fuzzy yet.

Tip #2/ Choose your wax wisely

Personally, I prefer a hard wax. It's precise, easy to pull and there's less clean-up involved. My biggest tip when using a hard wax is to flick your wrist upwards at the end of each section to create a lip you can grab onto. I also recommend pulling it a little before the wax is fully set so you can be sure you'll have a good grip. If you think you'll be more comfortable with strips, go with a sugar wax. It's a bit easier to clean up (rinsing with water should do it) and along the same vein, you'll be able to wash and reuse your strips.

Nads Brazilian & Bikini Wax

Soap & Glory Scrub Gloves

Nair Sugar Wax

Tip #3/ Be in a comfortable position

Think about every section and angle you need to reach (even give it a fake go) and don't apply your wax until you're in this practical position. People often think lying down will be the best but this never worked for me. In the name of all honestly, the toilet seat with the lid down (and a mirror opposite) works wonders.

Tip #4/ Heat your wax to perfection

Unfortunately, I never found cold wax or strips to be able to do the job seamlessly. Warm wax is by far superior (in my opinion) for bikini and Brazilian waxing, as it's easier to manoeuvre in small spaces. But this does mean you have to get the temperature right. Until you know the power of your own microwave, follow the instructions you're given exactly and take care to stir. In a fresh pot of wax especially, it'll melt in the middle first and sometimes simply spreading the heat to the edges with the applicator is all it needs. Wax should be runny, but not scalding. Do a patch test on your wrist before heading south.


Tip #5/ Hold skin taut

If you only have the brain capacity to remember one piece of my advice, let it be this: always, ALWAYS, use one hand to hold your skin taut while the other pulls back. It will ensure the majority of the hairs are removed in one fell swoop and it'll hurt a whole lot less too.

Tip #6/ Follow with a soothing treatment

Sure the plight for smooth skin might now be complete, but what about the aggressive redness we’ve been left with? Well, barring having superhuman skin, the only way I’ve found to soothe my wounds (dramatic but relatable, right?) is with a post wax treatment. My go-to? The Marzeena Post-Wax Calming Body Oil. Not only does it sedate (and hydrate) my sore skin, but it also works to remove any residual stickiness. 

Main image credit: @haileybieber

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