Blake Lively has undergone a drastic makeover and we barely recognise her

We Can Barely Recognise Blake Lively With Her New Haircut

Didn’t really pick her as a bowl cut kind of gal…

InStyle Junior Digital Content Editor / January 14 2020

Blake Lively has possibly the most recognisable and enviable hair in all of Hollywood. Her luscious, voluminous locks can be spotted from a mile away, and we have often pondered (and lost countless hours of sleep), over how the starlet achieves her larger-than-life curls.

So, naturally, you could imagine our shock when we opened Instagram this morning to see that the Gossip Girl alum had chopped all her hair off!

Thankfully, her new shaggy cut is not permanent; the dramatic hair change is a part of her star role in the Rhythm Section film. Although we can breathe a little easier knowing her new bowl cut is not here to stay, we can’t deny the fact that Blake's new hairdo has transformed her into an entirely different person!

Lively accurately captioned the photo, “Facetune broke” debuting a salt and pepper streak cut that is far from her signature barrel curls, crediting her makeup look to artist Vivian Baker. It seems that Lively’s new role will see her sport a range of different hairstyles and colours, and we have to admit that she very cleverly rocks them all.

Late last year, Charlize Theron also stepped out with a bowl cut. Check out Charlize's look here.

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