Chicago West is now the resident Kardashian-West hairstylist

The toddler made a very cute attempt at styling sister North West’s hair

BeautyCrew Content Producer / July 08 2019

Kim Kardashian’s children seem to have followed in their mum’s footsteps when it comes to an obsession with all things beauty.

North West has been known to dabble in makeup artistry, subjecting her famous family to some seriously *bold* beauty looks, and now, she’s passed the beauty torch to little sister Chicago.

The one-and-a-half-year-old showed off her wannabe hairstylist skills in a truly adorable Instagram video where the toddler can be seen *expertly* brushing her big sister North West’s hair.

In the video, little Chicago seems very focused on the job at hand, brushing the lengths of her big sister’s ponytail. 

However, North maintains a level of professional we have come to expect from the six-year-old and doesn’t even acknowledge Chicago, paying close attention to the important work at hand – playing stylist to her dolls.

With Chicago’s clear hairstyling prowess now coming to light, we are starting to wonder if Kim Kardashian had kids just to form the perfect glam squad. Watch out Mario.

Impressed by Chicago’s handiwork? North West did Kim Kardashian’s makeup and the result was hilarious.

Would you let a toddler style your hair? Let us know what you thought of the video in the comments below.

Main image credit: @kimkardashian

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