North West just did Kim Kardashian’s makeup and the result was hilarious

Kim Kardashian and North West

Plus, a sneak peek at the epic new KKW Beauty product

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / November 26 2018

North West just did Kim Kardashian’s makeup with the new KKW Glam Bible Bundle and the results were actually hilarious. We can confirm, there were tears, laughs and even a bit of foundation on the carpet.

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram Stories to show off the latest addition to her KKW Beauty empire, which includes a six-shade smoky eyeshadow palette, a blush, a gold highlighter, some falsies, a black pencil liner, a nude lipliner, two pinky-nude lipsticks, *breathes*, a powder puff, a makeup sponge, a pencil sharpener ANNNND the highly-anticipated mascara. 

And what better way to show off the new products than to do a full makeover, courtesy of a five-year-old? Kim says, “I have Miss North here, and she is going to give me a makeup tutorial.”

To be honest it got off to a bit of a rough start, with North spilling the foundation on Kris Jenner’s carpet. Kim tried to clean it up with a baby wipe but made it considerably worse. We’ve all been there!

North then gets to work, using a sponge to smear foundation on Kim’s face, hilariously covering just one side. “It’s all about blending, Boo,” says Kim. You can’t rush art, Kim!

North then moves on to writing the letters KKW with black eyeliner on Kim’s cheeks. You guys, if you haven’t already been doing this, take note. It’s a pretty *crucial* step, according to North.

In fact, it’s so important that she had a full-blown breakdown when Kim moved mid-way through the creation of this one-of-a-kind look. North can be seen rolling around crying on the floor as Kim says, “I’m sorry I moved. I didn’t know it would cause this much of a big deal! My makeup artists usually don’t act this way.”

Luckily North is ever-the-professional and was soon back at it, proceeding to destroy the Glam Bible palette while giving Kim the *edgiest* eye look we ever did see. Kim exclaims, “You’re such a good makeup artist.” To which North replies, “No I’m not.”

So. Humble.

Finally, Kim showed off her final look by North – and we have to say, it looks like it’s fresh off the runway. Kim’s eyelids were covered in her dark matte black eyeshadow shade, and three simple dots were drawn with the black eyeliner on either cheek (the faux freckles trend is still going strong!). Yep, we’re feeling it. Definitely a *lewk*.

Dream Kardashian (Rob and Chyna’s daughter) also made a cameo in the makeover, applying blush and highlighter to Kim’s face. “Dreamie you are so good,” she told her niece. “You are going to be such good makeup artist.”

Scared, Mario Dedivanovic?!

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