Chloe Morello's 'paint by numbers' makeup trick is genius

“I’m sick of cakey makeup looks”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 16 2022

Chloe Morello has been teaching us all how to apply makeup since we were in high school. 

The Aussie beauty influencer has seen us through our obsession with bronzer, held our hands through the contouring process, and even created a few eyeshadow palettes in her spare time. 

But now, Morello’s on the warpath. Her target? “I’m sick of cakey makeup looks,” explained Morello to her followers. But don’t worry, because she’s already found the solution; a ‘paint by numbers’ technique that starts off in dots and blends to leave her base lightweight and fresh. 

“This is technically a single layer of makeup, even though I’m wearing five different products,” Morello assured her fans in the video. 

“My typical makeup technique would end up with me having five or six layers on and it just doesn’t look natural,” she confessed. “So with this technique I can wear everything, it looks so natural, and it stays all night.” 

Want to get a natural-looking base like Morello? Well, strap in because we’re taking you on a guided tour to the no-cake zone…


Apply all your cream products at once

According to Morello, we need to stop layering our base products and get crafty with product placement instead.

“All at once apply all your cream products just like this,” she said as she showed off a face full of makeup-coloured dots. 

Morello had pops of blush on her cheeks, bronzer spotted onto the temples, dots of concealer curved under the eye, and contour under the cheekbones and nose. 

As for foundation, this was placed in the remaining sections that hadn’t already been colour-coded with another product.


Use a setting mist

The product Morello swears by for that natural no-makeup makeup finish? “A setting mist,” she declared to fans. 

“This stops the product from drying out so you can blend it,” she explained. “But it also infuses the makeup with the setting power of your setting spray”. 

Meaning you can get a bit of extra wear time out of all those creamy base products – score. 


Start blending

“Now I’m going to start blending,” Morello went on to say as she buffed the product in with a flat foundation brush. “I’m going to start with the concealer because that’s the lightest colour.” 

The beauty guru insisted that “it’s really easy to blend because it’s nice and wet from the setting spray.” But she does recommend blending your products from light to dark, most likely to prevent the result from becoming muddy. 

“I started with concealer, moving on to foundation, and then the blush, then bronzer, and contour,” Morello explained in the tutorial. “Along the way, feel free to mist your face as you go to re-dampen everything.”

More of a visual learner? Catch Chloe Morello’s genius makeup hack below:

Chloe Morello’s not the only one touting ingenious makeup tips, this easy eyeshadow blending hack makes eye makeup application a breeze. 

Main image credit: @chloemorello

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