This clever cleansing tool has replaced around 370 *million* wipes over the last 12 months

This is huge!

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / January 16 2020

If you identify as an eco beauty addict, one of the first places you might look to reduce your environmental impact is disposable facial wipes and cotton makeup remover pads.

They are a huge source of beauty waste because of their single-use nature. Fortunately though, there’s a way more eco-friendly way to remove makeup and clean your face. 

No doubt you’ve probably heard of Face Halo. Australian beauty vlogger Chloe Morello is obsessed with them, just FYI. Oh, and 1.4 Face Halos sell every minute around the world. Face Halo is a reusable makeup removing pad that can be put through up to 200 wash cycles (you can use it a couple of times before needing to wash it properly), and it basically replaces up to 500 disposable makeup wipes in its lifetime.

To understand how much of a gamechanger this product really is, try this for a visual picture: Consider that packets of individual makeup wipes usually contain around 25 wipes, and given that one Face Halo replaces up to 500 wipes, you’ve got the equivalent of 20 packets.  

Now just imagine what 20 packets worth of wipes would like in comparison to one of these… 

Yeah, that’s a big deal! 

Plus, as the Face Halo only needs a splash of tap water to work its makeup-removing magic, the need for makeup removing cleansers is also cancelled out.

Even better - once your Face Halo is looking like it’s seen better days, you can return it to Face Halo as part of their newly launched Upcycling Program so that it can live a second life in the motor vehicle and transport industries and be repurposed into things like seat cushioning. 

How good is that?!

If you’re interested in looking after the environment in more ways, you’ll be happy to know this big beauty retailer now uses sustainable packaging.

Have you tried the Face Halo yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Main image credit: @chloemorello

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