My crow’s feet didn’t stand a chance against this clever eye serum

The applicator is genius!

June 20 2022

As someone who enjoys a laugh on the regular, crow’s feet were always bound to be one of my earliest signs of ageing. And it’s a price I’m very willing to pay. But it’s not just a jolly good time that causes lines and wrinkles, so I was keen to give the L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Eye Serum with 2.5% Hyaluronic Acid & Caffeine a whirl.

My eye crinkles and creases are definitely more obvious when my skin is dehydrated. I also experience dermatitis on my eyelids, which doesn’t help the appearance of fine lines either.

The latter is always a concern when trying new eye products, but after reading a few reviews from members with sensitive skin, I gave it the green light and started testing.

The product

A lot of what you need to know about this product is right there in the name. It contains 1.5 per cent pure hyaluronic acid and 1 per cent pure caffeine. It’s quite a high concentration that helps to plump eye lines as well as smooth and visibly reduce dark circles. Niacinamide and vitamin C also back it up in the brightening department.

Another key element is the triple roller applicator, which provides a cooling massage using stainless steel beads — ideal for depuffing tired eyes. It’s directed for both morning and evening use.

L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Eye Serum with 2.5% Hyaluronic Acid & Caffeine review

First and foremost, the applicator is my favourite thing about this product. It’s so clever and makes application a breeze as well as more thoughtful. It’s well worth making time for in the AM because it feels cold and gets the blood pumping. It even comes with massage directions and can be used on the eyelids as well as the under-eye area.

I added the eye serum into my routine as a near-last step morning and night, applying it after face serums but before moisturiser (plus SPF in the morning). It layered beautifully without any pilling. Not to keep banging on about the applicator, but it would roll the serum onto the skin so nicely and gently without dragging. It really elevated the experience.

If you’re after a rich eye cream, this probably isn’t what you’re looking for. Being a serum, the consistency is a lot more lightweight and fluid-like. I really liked it for prepping the skin for makeup and it never left a tacky residue.

I was pleased from the get-go that it didn’t irritate my dermatitis and that the formula is fragrance-free. It really doesn’t smell like anything and although the bottle is a pretty purple, the product itself is clear.

Now, about my crow’s feet. For me, there was always a difference after use due to the hydration it gave the skin, particularly in the mornings. It’s been validated by dermatologists that eyes look five years younger in just two weeks*. I tried it for three and would maybe allow myself to say one year younger. Hey, I’ll take it.

My crow’s feet haven’t disappeared, but the area certainly has a firmer and fresher appearance about it. I didn’t notice a difference in dark circles but I can’t say I had too much shadow to begin with. I’m hoping the brightening ingredients work as a preventative in that way.

The final verdict

In my experience, the results when using this product were most evident directly after use rather than long-term. For $50, it really does an excellent job at providing instant hydration and depuffing. I also really liked having a dedicated serum for the eye area and one that was gentle enough to be used on my eyelids too. And in case I haven’t said it enough already, that applicator gets its own round of applause.


*Equivalence in years of appearance improvement of crows feet, wrinkles & under eyes lines. 81 women cosmeto-clinical scorage after 2 weeks. Results may vary from an individual to another.

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