The 'exploded lips' trend is taking filler way too far

Doctors are even warning against it

March 08 2023

Lip filler has no doubt grown massively in popularity over the last few years. But here’s the thing: so has the amount of filler we’ve grown used to seeing/getting as well. And while it’s obviously amazing that people are able to use filler to boost their self-confidence (through also boosting their lip volume), there’s definitely a line. Even if you don’t think there’s a visual line (and favour a very full finish), there is in fact a safety line. And according to Dr Vivek Eranki, CEO of Aussie cosmetic injectable clinic Cosmetique, the ‘exploded lips’ look has crossed it.

“The latest trend of 'exploded lips' results in much fuller and plumper lips almost resulting in a ‘doll-like’ aesthetic,” explains Dr Eranki. “Whilst the natural ratio of the top to bottom lip is 1:1.3, in the ‘exploded lips’ aesthetic, the top and bottom lips are typically of equal volume (i.e. 1:1). Depending on the degree of filler, the lips can look so voluminous, people may say they resemble bubbles, hence the term ‘exploded lips’."

So where'd it spring from? Celebs, of course. “A few years ago, natural and thin lips were fashionable, however, currently, many of the ‘trendsetters’ are preferring to have the ‘fuller’ look. These celebrities include the Kardashians [and Jenners], Charlotte Crosby, Bella Thorne, Chloe Cherry [and] Holly Hagan.”

“Given these celebrities carry significant social clout, we are noting a large number of patients are wanting the same aesthetic. Over the last 12 months, we have noted many patients asking for the fuller look and often selecting fillers that specifically result in this aesthetic." The 'trend' tide may be changing, too, as some celebs are actually going the other way because of the 'exploded lips' aesthetic, even having their filler dissolved instead of replenished.




But while we're as obsessed with Chloe Cherry's iconic pout as anyone, it's worth noting that overfilling can definitely be dangerous. “While ‘exploded lips’ are a highly sought-after look, they can also be risky to achieve if the clinician is not experienced in undertaking the treatment,” Dr Eranki explains. “Too much filler or poor placement of filler can cause bruising. Even worse, it can damage blood vessels and even impact veins and arteries which can compromise overlying tissue.”

“It is common for patients to feel a slight tightness in their lips which subsides in a few hours, however, technicians without the required experience can over-fill the lips causing pain and physical damage to the lips and surrounding areas."




If you are wanting to obtain said kind of pronounced pout, Dr Eranki stresses the importance of researching your injector/clinic choice wisely. “The ‘exploded lips’ look requires experience and high levels of expertise to undertake in order to achieve the optimum look. It is important to add that lip fillers should be performed by experienced injectors in safe and well-managed environments. Avoid cheap deals and look for a clinic with a good reputation."

And once you're there, be sure to take their advice seriously; they're not trying to harsh your selfie game, but simply make sure you stay safe. “We always encourage honest and open conversation with the injector. To ensure an ideal meeting of minds, we also recommended bringing pictures of the lips you consider aesthetically pleasing.”

From there, your injector will be able to advise re: whether the look you're after will (visually and safely) work for your face. And that, friends, is key to avoiding looking like your lips are literally exploding. Close shave!

Main image credit: @charlottegshore

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