FKA Twigs’ training routine is so extra and we love it

From pole dancing to sword fighting, she does it all

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / January 12 2021

FKA Twigs is one of those rare human beings that leaves you questioning if fairies are in fact real. The ethereal popstar has created an elaborate on-stage persona, taking up a myriad of extra-curriculars like pole dancing and sword fighting, honing her craft as a dancer and artist to deliver an immersive, fantastical world to accompany her ephemeral sound.



Vocal about her vigorous workout and training sessions, she regularly shares her progress with her fans on social media, publicly documenting her journey from novice to pro pole dancer as well as her venture into the world of swordplay and aerial movement.  The world of training is nothing new to Twigs though, who shared in an interview with Nike that her obsession started at a young age. 

“Since as early as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with training and taking classes. When I was three-years-old, I started taking dance classes at a local youth center, and by the time I turned seven, I was training in six different dance styles… When other people wanted to go on holiday or hang out with their friends in the park, l just wanted to take every class that was available.”



“People don't always see dancers as athletes, but we are. Through dance, I’ve met young people who work really hard and have dedicated their lives to being active. To me they represent ‘modern movement’, which I define as exploring any genre of sport without boundaries.”

Twigs isn’t shy of a regular at-home floor workout routine though – in fact, the singer loves incorporating a mixture of yoga, pilates and core exercises into her day and even created her own Jane Fonda-esque exercise tutorials during quarantine for people to follow along at home. Now ‘scuse us while we embarrass ourselves trying to keep up with this woman.

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Main image credit: @fkatwigs

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