Podcast: Jen Atkin and her 5-min morning hair trick

Plus: Maybe bacteria on your skin isn’t so bad, and a beauty editor’s very lean travel kit

Beauty Crew Editor / July 08 2019

What would you ask queen of hair Jen Atkin if you could corner her in a room for half an hour? We went straight for the good stuff – how to do your hair in the morning when you’ve got zero time (disclaimer: it requires some prep the night before). 

Plus, while she may *not* travel light in the beauty department (her in-flight stash would be enough to take up most people’s entire travel allowance), InStyle Australia’s Beauty Editor Bettina Tyrrell has discovered the ultimate refined travel beauty kit (think: just four makeup products), so take note if you’re heading on vacation any time soon. 

And we discuss: Is bacteria on your skin always bad? Beauty Director for marie claire, Sally Hunwick, says no and chats through one of the latest big trends in skin care – prebiotics and probiotics. 

Tune in below (even if just to hear how DRASTICALLY different Jen Atkin and Bettina travel when it comes to beauty) and make sure you share the podcast with your friends!

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