Hailey Bieber just revealed she has an ovarian cyst “the size of an apple”

“It’s painful and achy”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / November 30 2022

Hailey Bieber might be “beyond excited” about the release of her Forbes ‘30 under 30’ cover, but that doesn’t mean the mogul’s life is a walk in the park.

Just hours before the origin story of Rhode Skin was shared with the public — a journey that’s caused Bieber “to pinch myself on the daily” —  she shared with her Instagram followers that she’s been struggling with an ovarian cyst “the size of an apple.”

And this isn’t the first time either.

“I don’t have endometriosis or PCOS,” the creator of the glazed donut skin method clarified, but she has “gotten an ovarian cyst a few times and it’s never been fun.”

Pictured with her jumper lifted to reveal her bloated stomach, she added the disclaimer “not a baby” tagged to her abdomen, Bieber explained to her fans “[that] it’s painful and achy, and makes me feel nauseous and bloaty, and crampy and emotional.” 

“I’m sure a lot of you can overly relate and understand,” she shared.


Hailey Bieber isn’t the only celebrity keen to share her experience. Keke Palmer’s public portrayal of the realities of living with acne and polycystic ovarian syndrome has been eye opening.  

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