Hair washing hacks that will save your tresses

Hair Washing Hacks To Save Your Strands

“This is hair washing 101”

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 18 2022

Hair washing is one of those beauty tasks that we all do, but we don’t talk about it much, or put a heap of thought into it.

After all, it’s such a simple process, right? What could we possibly be doing wrong?

Well, as it turns out, a lot! 

According to celebrity hairstylist-turned-YouTuber Brad Mondo, if you’re not washing your hair correctly, you could actually be damaging your strands.

Brad has set the record straight on how you should be washing your hair in his latest YouTube video, and here’s what he wants you to know.

#1 / Use the right water temperature

Debunking a popular theory that washing hair in cold water will result in shinier, healthier hair, Brad recommends “ washing your hair with warm water” instead. 

“You need the warm water to open up your hair cuticle,” says Brad, so that dirt and other impurities trapped in the hair can be more easily removed. You’ll also want to be cautious not to set your temperature too hot as hot water can dry out hair.

#2 / Don’t rub your scalp in circular motions

Roughly scrubbing the hair and scalp in circular motions can result in the hair becoming tangled and matted, explains Brad. And, it can have other unwanted side effects, too…

“You’ll end up roughing up the cuticle and when you rough up the cuticle, you could be losing hair that you don’t need to be losing at that time.”

So how should you do it?

“Side-to-side motions are best… gently rub your head in side-to-side motions with the shampoo,” says Brad.

#3 / Forget about suds

Though using a sudsy shampoo may make you feel like your shampoo is doing a better job, Brad says, “the [shampoo] that’s not suds-ing is probably doing more good to your hair than the one that is [producing] incredible amounts of suds”. 

“[Suds] make you think you’re washing your hair better than you are. A lot of companies put a lot of surfactants into their shampoo in order to make you think their shampoo is working better than other shampoos.”

“Suds don’t do anything, they’re just a visual cue that you’re washing your hair. You don’t need suds.”

#4 / Only shampoo your scalp

As Brad explains, the ends of the hair do not produce oil, therefore there’s no need to wash them – the shampoo residue that washes down from your scalp is sufficient to cleanse the ends.

“The ends get oily but the oil comes from your scalp. The scalp is the part that produces the oil – the ends do not produce oil,” explains Brad.

Further, rubbing your ends with shampoo can actually harm the hair’s cuticle and tangle the hair, he adds. Avoid irritation all-round by opting for a sensitivity-friendly shampoo like the QV Hair Gentle Shampoo ($8.99 at Chemist Warehouse).

QV Hair Gentle Shampoo

#5 / Use a conditioner and a hair mask

When washing hair, many of us use a conditioner or a hair mask, but Brad says you can definitely use both to treat your hair to some extra TLC.

“I like to really double up. I follow up my hair conditioning routine with a hair mask because I know that I need more love than just a regular conditioner. A conditioner does the job of detangling and getting it prepared for the hair mask,” says Brad, noting that a mask will deliver the extra hydration and other benefits your hair needs to “bring it back to life”.

#6 / Swap a rough towel for a gentle one

Brad warns that rubbing freshly washed strands with a rough towel can damage the hair. Instead, try a softer option like a hair towel wrap. We're fans of the HER HEIR Satin-Lined Head Towel ($45 at HER HEIR); it's a satin-lined wrap that helps to diminish frizz while gently absorbing excess moisture.

HER HEIR Satin-Lined Head Towel

If you're looking for more tips on taking care of your hair, check out our advice on getting your shiniest hair yet.

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