The $13 false lashes Halle Bailey won't leave home without

Whether on her eyes on in her purse

Editor / May 23 2023

The Little Mermaid may consider a fork her number one beauty essential, but her real-life counterpart (the stunning Halle Bailey, who's taking on the titular character in the tale's first live-action film) relies on something different.

What she does have in common with her character, however, is that her must-have beauty saviour is a little out of the box too...

Halle Bailey's handbag beauty essentials

It's pretty standard to pack a few beauty buys in your purse, with the usual suspects generally being a little lip balm, and maybe top-ups of powder or your go-to lip colour.

Bailey, on the other hand, won't leave home without a fresh set of falsies. Yep, false eyelashes. Trickier to throw on in the back of an Uber, that's for sure!

"[I always have] some lashes," Bailey confirmed, while showing British Vogue the contents of her everyday handbag. "I cannot live without lashes."

She went on to clarify that carrying a spare set of lashes means she can feel 'done' in a flash if an occasion calls for it. And lash application is luckily a step she's gotten pretty good at. "I'm not the best at doing my own makeup, but when I do a lash, [I feel confident]," she explained. "I pop on a lash and I'm good."

YouTube/British Vogue

Halle Bailey's favourite false lashes

We have no doubt Bailey has quite the lash stash to pull from, but she did give viewers a quick glimpse at her personal favourite pair, and they sure looked like the Ardell Faux Mink 812 Lashes ($12.99 at The Iconic) to us!

Billed as 'luxuriously lightweight' with an invisible band that helps the lashes to look more natural, '812' is a style that's full and fluffy without being too OTT. The lash strip is a rounded shape, with the longest lashes in the centre, too, offering a stunning eye-opening effect that's subtle enough for everyday makeup looks.

Ardell Faux Mink 812 Lashes

Does Halle Bailey wear false lashes every day?

Take a scroll through Bailey's socials, and it's clear her lash confession is accurate; she certainly seems to embrace them as part of her daily makeup. The girl clearly loves a lash.

In fact, she tends to embrace neutral tones across lips and cheeks (as well as eyeshadow) and play up her eyes through liner and lashes rather than bold colours or glitzy metallics.

That's the thing about lashes; they may seem like an evening-only type of makeup move, but keep the rest of your look on the natural side, and they're actually more wearable than you might think. There are false lash styles for every eye shape and 'wow' factor preference, as well. Pair your faves with a good glue and you'll be off to the races.

Bailey's beauty wisdom is already proving to be very valuable! We sure hope she's got more up her sleeve...




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