The cult-status concealer Halsey uses instead of foundation

She calls it her “holy grail”

Digital Beauty Editor / July 21 2021

We know ‘coverage’ might not be the first thing you think of when Halsey’s makeup game comes to mind. It’s probably more likely to be the glitter brows or the graphic eyes, right?

Understandable – they’re both glorious and memorable. But if you take a closer look, we’ll bet that underneath said sparkly arches or geometric liner look is a face of beautifully flawless but natural coverage. Or hey, the radiant skin might even be flying solo these days – the singer has definitely switched to some lower key looks throughout her recent pregnancy.

Her foundation approach seems to be something along the lines of ‘skin that still looks like skin, but in the most put-together way possible’. Well, that's the thing – the ‘foundation’ Halsey relies on for said finish isn’t actually foundation at all, and perhaps that's the secret. Instead of using a traditional foundation, the singer swaps in her favourite concealer stick to take care of her coverage needs.

“I rarely wear foundation,” she confirmed in a recent Allure video. “[But] if you’re watching this right now you can probably tell that my nose and my cheeks and my neck are really red [so I do still like a little coverage].”

“My holy grail product because I don’t wear foundation is this Clé de Peau concealer ($98 at Harrods). I use it in the colour ‘Ivory’, or sometimes I’ll use ‘Buff’ and I’ll mix them together a little bit depending on what my skin tone is like at the time.”

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer

“[I use it to] go in and get my under eye bags, because Lord knows I haven’t been sleeping these days,” she explained.

ICYMI, Halsey just welcomed her first child, Ender Ridley Aydin with boyfriend Alex Aydin. “It feels pretty good knowing that going into this next chapter of my life, I’ve already found my holy grail concealer for my under eye bags,” she joked.

It’s not solely for the under eye area, though; she also applied a little around her nose and over her chin before using a foundation brush to buff it into her face.




Wondering what makes it such a bag-banishing, complexion-concealing wonderkid? The creamy formula (yes, sticks can indeed be creamy) basically allows you to camouflage the things you need to (dark circles, bags, redness, etc.) without covering everything.

For example, while Halsey’s ‘bags’ may be hidden underneath a light layer, her gorgeous freckles continue to peek through. It also leaves skin with a luminous finish that’s always welcome on our faces...

Main image credit: @iamhalsey

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