Why is everyone on TikTok cutting their hair to look like Princess Peach?

The "Hime" cut explained

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / May 13 2022

At this point TikTok has become a veritable trend-churning vending machine.

Give up a few hours of your time and you’ll learn about all manner of beauty-related topics. 

De-frizz your hair with the dental floss hack, be smarter with your coin and use Vaseline as eye cream, or perfect your nail artist skills with the jelly stamper French manicure hack

The latest beauty trend to capture the hearts of the TikTok masses? The ‘Hime’ haircut.

Pronounced he-may, the haircut originates in Japan and has roots in the country’s ancient history, however, it’s become popular with a contemporary audience thanks to the likes of Japanese idols. 

Distinguished by a set of sharply cut layers that frame the face, you’d be mistaken if you think this hairstyle isn’t versatile. 

The beauty about the Hime cut is that it’s relatively simplistic as far as haircuts go, so a lot of TikTok creators have been taking to the platform to document their DIY approach to tackling the trend. 

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Main image credit: @chutprincess

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