How Kourtney Kardashian avoids snacking between meals

The solution to your serial snacking is here!

Beauty Crew Contributor / September 19 2017

No one is immune to the powers of the breadbasket that arrives before your meal at a restaurant. And while we know all too well that gorging on said carbs will most likely ruin our appetite before the main meal is served, it’s just too hard to resist. Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Kourtney Kardashian recently revealed the most relatable trick for not only keeping carb cravings under control, but avoiding mindless snacking between meals, too. 

Kourtney revealed on her website that her trick for avoiding unnecessary snacking before a meal, whether at a restaurant or at home, is to have a cup of tea. Kourtney’s tea of choice is green tea, but any kind of tea that can keep your taste buds and mind occupied until your meal arrives (or until you’ve finished cooking) will do the trick. She personally adds almond milk and honey to her cuppa, claiming it keeps her satisfied but not full before meals. And since some teas have been found to offer a wealth of health benefits, including being packed with antioxidants and assisting with weight loss and digestion, we think it could definitely be worth a try.

We are in no way suggesting that a cup of tea should be replacing a meal, but if you’re a serial mindless snacker (who doesn't love reaching for the Tim Tams when you're bored?) or sometimes find yourself getting a little carried away with the entrées, the solution could be as simple as boiling the kettle.

But if your snacking usually takes place late at night, here is a very good reason why you need to get your bad habit under control.

Will you be trying Kourtney’s tea hack? Let us know any other healthy hunger-busting hacks you have in the comments section below.

Image credit: @kourtneykardashian

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