How Sally Fitzgibbons stays so motivated to exercise

Plus, she reveals her top tips for relaxing after a stressful day

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / December 13 2017

When we think of the epitome of the classic Australian beauty, we think beachy waves, sun-kissed skin and pared-back makeup that embraces natural beauty. Professional surfer, author, trainer and new Burt’s Bees Brand Ambassador, Sally Fitzgibbons fits the bill perfectly. And it’s not just her outer beauty that has us keen to know more about her – the 26 year-old (who is currently ranked third in the world for women’s surfing) is strong, fit and has an incredible philosophy when it comes to motivation, managing stress and maintaining a healthy diet. During an exclusive interview we gained an insight into Sally’s favourite beauty products and her exercise philosophy. 

On her favourite beauty products…
“Being in nature’s harshest elements all the time I am in urgent need of moisture – for skin, hair and lips. I always carry my trusty Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. I have about five of them in different bags, so I pretty much have one on me at all times!”

On how she stays so motivated to exercise…
“The first step is creating a philosophy around your health and wellbeing, then creating rituals you can follow. If you have habits that won’t budge for anything, it’s almost like signing a contract with yourself. My rituals revolve around healthy eating, exercising and being outdoors, taking the right supplements and using natural products that I believe in like Burt’s Bees. I don’t deviate from these rituals or choices because I know how good it feels when I treat myself as a VIP. The energy, enjoyment and spark I feel are beyond epic. Try it for yourself and be your own VIP, it all starts with awareness and committing to yourself.”

On the best beauty trick she’s ever learnt…
“No trick to this one but just commitment to use zinc and sunscreen ALL the time. I spend so much time in the sun it wears and tears your skin so much. A big tip is to put an extra layer under your eyes as the skin there is so delicate.”

On her diet staples…
“It’s about showing your body that love and care for what fuel you are putting in. If you put in rubbish you are going to get rubbish efforts in return. I keep my plate colourful with loads of fresh produce. Keeping things simplistic by mixing and matching a variety of proteins with what’s in season or on special at the markets. I eat as little processed foods as possible and make sure I'm constantly mixing up the different varieties of fruit and veg I'm eating so my body is absorbing as many different vitamins and nutrients from my food.” 

On how she keeps her hair healthy when it’s in saltwater all day long…
“I make sure I’m topped up with quality shampoo and conditioners. At night I massage my head and hair with coconut oil and stimulate the hair cells with a bristle brush. I just try to keep it as healthy as possible and really moisturised after being in the saltwater all day. Taking a ‘hair, skin and nail’ supplement can help with healthy growth, too.” 

On how she relaxes after a long day…
“Being still. Just still. As I said, I have this great love for movement so I challenge myself to be still. I tell myself at times to just cool it for the day – that’s enough. Sometimes my friends and I go down to the rocks on the beach, catch up on things and look out over the ocean and a soak up a cracking sunset. I like to hear what’s going on in their lives; it helps me unwind. I practice being present and not always working towards an event or something I have to prepare for as an athlete. Stillness and recovery mode helps me unwind.” 

Want more from Sally? Then make sure you read all about her fitness routine. Warning: it’s not for the faint-hearted.

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Image credit: @sally_fitz

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