5 tricks to nailing the deep side part

The easiest hair trend to get into

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / June 05 2016

Theres a side part and then theres the deep side part. Hollywoods leading ladies have been taking their side part further and further to the left of centre (or the right) of late, and we think you should too.

A deep side part can actually work to give you a mini facelift. Its all about creating an angle at the hairline to help lift the look of your brows and bone structure. Here's how to get part perfection.


Style your hair curly, straight or wavy

Firstly, decide how you want to wear your hair and style it before you even think about parting. Dont forget you dont need to leave it out, an updo looks great with a deep side part too. If you’re not going for a sleek hairstyle, add a volumising mousse like Schwarzkopf Styliste ULTÎME Amino-Q Foam Mousse to help boost volume at the roots.


Pick a side

It seems silly but we really do all have a better side. Maybe its because your hair sits too flat on the right side, or your cheekbones simply appear more pronounced on the left side of your face. For this hairstyle, choose the side you want to part your hair on to show off your best features.


Get the part placement right

This is the most important step – its all about picking the perfect spot. Find the highest part of your brow and follow the direction of it up towards your hair line. This is where your part should start.


Choose an angle

Heres where you get to make a choice: will you go straight back, at a sharp angle or do you want to get tricky and create a zig zag. Whichever option you choose, make sure your part is pronounced. The thin pointed end of a tail comb like ghds Tail Comb will help you get your part just right.


Make any final touches to the style

If you want a sleeker style, you might need to use a straightener to coax your hair in the direction you want it to sit so it stay put. If you opted for a curly hairstyle, add even more volume at the roots around the side part with a volumising dry shampoo like TRESemmé Instant Refresh Volumising Dry Shampoo. Set with hairspray to finish.

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